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Alrighty, Kev was hassling me to post pictures and blog on this new addition to my workshop, so here it is! What’s that? You don’t see the picture? Oh yeah, that’s cuz I haven’t put it up yet 🙂 But while I have a couple minutes, I at least thought I’d write about it. Picture in your mind a big table saw! Yup, I went to the BORG (Big Orange Retail Giant), and picked up a Ryobi BT3100 Table Saw to help out with projects at home. What a blast! Even though table saws have the distinction of being the absolute most dangerous workshop tool around, I got one! So if you see me with only 9 fingers in the future, you’ll know why!

Why did I pick this saw you ask? Well, several reasons. It’s belt driven for one. It’s modular for another. It has a very accurate rip fence. Also, I’m a research freak, so I looked into all the details on this one, and read many reviews. Seems this little beauty has won over the hearts of even ‘traditionalist’ woodworkers. Read: grumpy older guys set in their tool ways! Anyway, I even came across a website dedicated to this saw, run by its’ fans. Click here to check that out.

Now that I’ve got this beauty, I reckon I might start to do a little wood-working. Of course, that just means I’ll have to spend another million dollars on gadgetry, but hey, what else am I gonna do with my money? Save it? 🙂 The saw’s already been put to good use, and triggered several other purchases (wheeled dolly, drill bit set, multi-meter, long clamps, etc. etc.). When I get a chance, I’ll fill you all in on our current home projects. Currently, I’m putting the finishing touches on a media cabinet, which Kev helped out with on the weekend by putting a big hole in my wall!!! Thanks Kev. 😉

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