Bar Update – Routing Done!

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I just had a look at the last time I posted anything on the bar project, and realized that I’m way overdue. Last posting was January 16th!! My apologies to all my loyal readers 🙂 Although things haven’t been steady, I have definitely made a lot of progress since the last update. I had to first go out and buy a router table, and then put it to extremely good use by routing all of the various pieces for the bar. Who knew cabinet making was such labour-intensive work? I can definitely appreciate why custom-built cabinets cost big bucks. Every step along the way has unique challenges. In the picture to the right, I’m holding up a couple of my favourite examples of routed wood. These pieces are for the cabinet doors. I’m not even sure of what all the steps were called for those pieces. I think I did some rabbets, mortises, tenons, and even some radiusing. Of course, when it’s all done, to you, it’ll just look like a cabinet door. To me however, I’ll remember that at the onset, it was a rough piece of 1×6 Clear Red Oak, 8 feet long, and some 1/4″ Oak plywood! There’s a certain satisfaction in doing something all by myself from scratch. It can be pretty relaxing.

Oh yeah, and it can also be VERY dusty. You wouldn’t believe the amounts of sawdust that I’ve been making in the workshop. I ended up having to make Jody a door of sorts out of old sheets to keep the mess out of her craft room. Not to mention cover up some of my gear with plastic. That dust is just so damn invasive. There were many evenings when my nose was completely clogged up with oak dust, even with a mask on! Hope that stuff isn’t poisonous! I’m sure I have a nice fine layer deposited in my lungs now. As always, you can have a look at all the pictures of the bar build thus far on Flickr. Unfortunately, I haven’t documented everything quite to the level that I would have liked, but that’s because I just get involved in doing the work, and forget to get pictures taken. Oh well. Stay tuned for another rapid post on the latest (I’ll double post to make up for lost time!).

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