Busses are Fun!

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Click here for pictures from Salta. Okay, last post for the night, to catch you up. It’s getting late here (now in Salta), and I’ve got a 7:30am bus to catch for our next tour. We’ll be up at 4200m tomorrow, so i should rest now. We’re doing the ‘train to the clouds’, well make that the ‘mini-bus to the clouds’, as the train, for maybe political, maybe physical reasons, hasn’t been running in a year. Oh well. The past 26 hours were long for sure. The bus ride was only 19.5 hours, which was shorter than expected. the bus itself was something to behold. Picture first class in an airplane. Yup, like that. Only quieter. There were many movies, and the seats layed flat to sleep. I brought on a nice bottle of red wind, and some beer to pass the time. We were also fed once on the bus, and stopped twice for included meals. All in all, a first class experience. It didn’t seem anywhere near that long. Also gave us time to get to know some co-travellers. We’ve got a really nice group of twelve people. We all get along very well now. more…

We arrived in Salta just in time for Jody and I to take a cable car up San Bernardo mtn, and enjoy views, then hike back down to meet with the group for supper. Our hotel here is a bit dodgy. It’s a proud 1-star facility. Our bathroom is the shower. YOu shut the door, and shower right there. Crazy. You have to remember to take the toilet paper out, or it gets awfully soggy 😉 Of course, I didn’t shower, haven’t done so (or changed) for days. Again, when in Argentina….

The beer here has been quite good, and so have the people. We’ve had virtually no problems. Tonight we headed out to a local patio for tamales, humitas, and empanadas. No tourists there. Our guide knew the place, and a musician that played guitar for us. We gorged ourselves on the food, and toasted our new friendships over several litros of Quillmes and Salta beer (yes, in this land, we drink only litros of beer, makes me long for the Laff!). At the end of the night, we left our guide there with his friends, and the whole group from our tour walked back to the hotel. A few of us then ventured forth together to find a cyber-cafe, which is why you have the luxury of reading this message. Access is cheap, but finding the time to write these posts is another matter. Consider yourselves lucky 😉 Yet again, I’m sacrificing both my beauty sleep, as well as another litro of beer to bring you up to speed. Argentina has been wonderful!

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