Good things do Happen!!

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Click here for pictures from Salta. Geez, I totally forgot to mention. So, on the great football game day, not only did our team win, but Air Canada scored a small victory. When we returned to the hotel, the missing bag had shown up! If it could write a blog, I’m sure it would be interesting, but sadly, we can only ever guess at the route it took to get back to us. But it did. Fully intact. Huzzah, vacation angst spared. One more thing to note, if heading to a football match, shirts are 30pesos before the game. Afterwards, you can score the same one for 20 pesos (7 bucks), so I’m now sitting in my ‘away’ jersey for river, a nice adidas tech shirt (well, let’s be honest, Adidas has no idea this shirt exists, hence adidas with the lower case a). Till next post, stay cool (while I stay hot!)

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