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Adventures of Fire and Ice – Bergrisi

Welcome to the first of four posts related to our adventure trip to Iceland, the land of Fire and Ice! This trip took place back in September of 2016, and for some reason I didn’t get around to writing up this story until now! Deepest apologies. Part one is called ‘Bergrisi’, after the Rock Giant who stands as the protector of Southwestern Iceland. Each instalment will cover one quarter of the island, represented by its protector. The four protectors flank the countries emblem, and are part of the official Coat of Arms for Iceland. By splitting the posts up this […]

24 Hours in Abu Dhabi

Travel is great. Experiencing other cultures is great. For some, it is also a pretty scary experience at times, as they put you out of your comfort zone. As such, the best advice I can think of when embarking on any adventure is to do so with an open mind, and a certain amount of flexibility. What you are used to, and expect as the norm where you live is definitely not the norm where you are visiting. Expect surprises and deviations. And, consider book-ending a trip with ‘spare’ days on either end if at all possible in light of […]

The Calm Before the Storm

9,212m / 30,223ft. That’s the amount of vertical distance my legs carried me over a period of just over 1 week out in BC. This included a back-to-back 2 days of racing in the Squamish 50/50 event at the END of the trip, and a bunch of great hiking and running outings in the days leading up to the event. Perhaps not the exact prescription for a proper taper, but when I’m surrounded by mountains, and have time to take advantage of it, I do! Even better than that was the fact that I was sharing all the experiences with […]

Nepal: Into the Jungles and Back to the Top

Hello loyal readers. I’m here today with the final chapter in our Nepal adventures. Yes, I could split this one into several shorter posts, but given that nearly 5 months has already passed, and that summer is around the corner, I decided to just wrap it up with one final post (well, that and the postscript post of 24 hour in Abu Dhabi!). As you’ll see by the map below, this part of our trekking trip was about 6 total days of hiking on the southern part of the Annapurna circuit. As you can see, we started low, worked our […]

Nepal: Wedding Anniversary Spent at Thorung-La at 5,416m

As you may recall, in our last post, we were bedding down over 4,800m to get some sleep before tackling the highest point of our trip, Thurong-La Pass. We had been looking forward to this day since the start of our trip. As this was our 2nd wedding anniversary, I’m already unsure how we’ll ever beat that for our future anniversaries, but that’s a thought for another day. To refresh your memories, here’s ther map of the last few days, as well as the coming 2 days. Read on for the full details! Thurong High Camp to Thurong-La Pass, Down […]