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Adventures of Fire and Frost – Dreki

Here we sit, ready for the fourth and final instalment of my series of posts from Iceland in 2016. Writing these up has [sadly] taken me 3.5 years, but I hope you’ve been enjoying them. This post covers the most terrain of the four, as this quarter of the country is pretty extensive. As you may expect with the Dreki, or Dragon, we’ll be heading to some areas pretty well known for its volcanoes. That includes the one called Katla, which is a huge volcano that had been threatening to erupt during our entire trip! In fact, we were not […]

Adventures of Fire and Ice – Gammur

For the third instalment of my Iceland series of posts, we’re moving into the land of the Gammur, which is the Griffin or Eagle. The Gammur stands as the protector of the Northeast region of Iceland. I’m excited to present you this post, as it features the ‘Capital of the North’ of Iceland, and probably our favourite place in the country, Akureyri. We’ll also travel to the furthest north we’ve ever been, just shy of the arctic circle, to a place called Raufarhöfn. The post will cover two full days of travel, plus that start of a third day, since […]

Adventures of Fire and Ice – Griðungur

Welcome to the second of my four part Icelandic Adventures series. In this post, I’ll be covering the Northwestern part of Iceland, which is protected by the Bull, or Griðungur as per the native term. So far, the only thing that is bugging me about the protectors is why aren’t they displayed in their relative corners on the coat of arms? But I digress. Today, the post will cover two days worth of the journey, and encompass our adventures along the road from Reykjavík to Grundarfjörður, as well as from Grundarfjörður to Ósar. And don’t worry, I won’t test anyone […]

Adventures of Fire and Ice – Bergrisi

Welcome to the first of four posts related to our adventure trip to Iceland, the land of Fire and Ice! This trip took place back in September of 2016, and for some reason I didn’t get around to writing up this story until now! Deepest apologies. Part one is called ‘Bergrisi’, after the Rock Giant who stands as the protector of Southwestern Iceland. Each instalment will cover one quarter of the island, represented by its protector. The four protectors flank the countries emblem, and are part of the official Coat of Arms for Iceland. By splitting the posts up this […]