Race Results

Welcome to the results section of ActiveSteve.com.

Here you can track my progress and results from any race I’ve pretty much ever done. The table below can be sorted on any column you wish, or you can even dynamically search within the table for any event you’d like. Using these sortable columns, you can see which race was longest, which I ranked highest in, and so on. They may not all be great results on paper, but I’m proud of every single race I’ve done, and have been steadily improving.

For the truly curious out there, I’m also giving you the option of downloading a PDF file with all my race results to date in it, including split times and such. The exception to this are the adventure racing results, as the splits get quite messy. However, I have included as many links as I could so that you could actually have a look at those as well. They are pretty confusing to understand sometimes, but just in case you want it, there it is.

Download Detailed Race Results (PDF РVERY OUT OF DATE!!)


DateTypeRace Name / DescriptionDistanceTimeRank (Category)WebsiteReportPictures
20-Feb-16SkiCanadian Ski Marathon (Gold)163 km20:16:00YES
31-Oct-15RunGatineau Park Marathon42.2 km4:46:58YES
19-Sep-15Trail RunUTHC 125k Ultra Trail125 km14:05:00DNFYESYES
13-Sep-15RunOttawa Beer Run16.8 km3:08:55YESYES
30-Aug-15TriathlonMuskoka Ironman226 km11:47:00YESYES
11-Aug-15Trail RunTrans-Rockies 6-day Run191.4 km23:37:50YESYES
05-Jul-15TriathlonMuskoka Ironman 70.3113 km5:35:00YESYES
06-Jun-15BikeRideau Lakes Cycle Tour (Classic)342 km13:59:00YESYES
22-May-15AREquinox Traverse 48Hr AR????YES
16-May-15ARRaid Pulse 8Hr AR (Velo MSM)64.5 km7:45:18YESYES
03-May-15Trail RunBear Mountain Endurance Challenge22 km1:58:26YESYES
25-Apr-15Trail RunChallenge the Gats Rogaine18.3 km2:43:49YESYES
21-Feb-15SnowshoeMad Trapper (Finale)10 km1:13:35YES
15-Feb-15SkiGatineau Loppet - 50k Skate41.7 km3:52:00YES
14-Feb-15SkiGatineau Loppet - 50k Classic51.6 km4:49:00YES
07-Feb-15SkiCanadian Ski Marathon (Gold)160 km21:09:00YES
31-Jan-15TriathlonWinterlude Triathlon21.1 km1:24:55YESYES
24-Jan-15SnowshoeMad Trapper "Hilly" Race10 km1:18:55YES
10-Jan-15SnowshoeDion Ignite the Night5 km0:35:01YES
13-Dec-14SnowshoeMad Trapper "Transition" Race5 km0:35:59YES
06-Dec-14RunRaggae Marathon (Jamaica)42.2 km3:53:36YESYES
05-Oct-14RunThe County Marathon42.2 km3:39:47YESYES
11-Sep-14ARRaid International Gaspesie Expedition AR????YESYES
23-Aug-14Trail Runi2P 100k Ultra Trail Run94 km13:04:001st (Overall)YESNO
09-Aug-14MultisportBruce Peninsula Multisport Race100 km8:39:083rd (Solo M)YESYESY and Y
12-Jul-14ARWilderness Traverse 24Hr AR130 km20:49:512nd (Pro)YESYESY and Y
17-Jun-14ARUntamed New England 4-day Race380 km88:00:0024th (Short)YESYESYES
05/17/2014ARRaid Pulse 8 Hr55 km7:36:003rd (Solo M)YESYESYES
2005-03-14Trail RunTNF Endurance Challenge50 km5:24:396th (M35-39)YESYESYES
3/15/2014RunSnow Trail Orford13 km1:36:134th (Overall)YESYESYES
2003-08-14TriathlonQuebec ITU Winter Tri25 km1:22:2225th (ELITE)YESYESYES
2/22/2014SnowshoeMad Trapper Series Finale9.5 km1:16:363rd (Overall)YESYESYES
2002-08-14SkiCanadian Ski Marathon169.5 km21:45:00CdB GoldYESYESYES
2002-01-14TriathlonEndurance Aventure ITU Winter Tri22.2 km1:26:098th (M-Senior)YESYESYES
1/25/2014SnowshoeMad Trapper Night Race10 km1:22:0013th (Male)YESYESYES
1/25/2014TriathlonFrost and Fire Winter Triathlon17.5 km1:40:115th (M20-39)YESYESNO
2001-04-14SnowshoeMad Trapper Hilly10.4 km1:07:206th (Male)YESYESYES
2012-07-13Trail RunMad Trapper Flat Trail Run10 km56:30.55th (Male)YESYESYES
11/24/2013Trail RunAnvil on Foot Trail Race6 km24:31.99th (Overall)YESYESYES
2009-07-13Trail RunUltra Trail Harricana65 km7:42:3315th (M30-39)YESYESYES
8/24/2013PaddlingGreat Canadian Kayak Challenge15 km1:48:565th (Male)YESYESYES
2008-10-13MTBLeaville 100 Mountainbike Race160 km11:31:36256th (M3)YESYESYES
6/21/2013ARUntamed New England 24Hr AR120 km19:13:512nd (Premiere)YESYESYES
2006-08-13BikeRideau Lakes Cycle Tour340 km13:33:00n/aYESYESYES
2006-06-13RunChallenge in the Pasture Relay2 km06:25.24th (Overall)YESYESONE
2006-01-13ObstacleMud Hero Ottawa6 km32:21.41st (Overall)YESYESYES
5/18/2013ARRaid Pulse 8 Hr58 km7:38:005th (DuoM)YESYESYES
2005-04-13ARFAC Spring 8Hr AR36 km3:53:062nd (Solo)YESYESYES
2/23/2013SnowshoeMad Trapper Series Finale10 km1:19:496th (Male)YESYESYES
2/16/2013SkiGatineau Loppet 55k Classic55 km4:24:5819th (M35-39)YESYESYES
2002-09-13SkiCanadian Ski Marathon158 km20:50:00CdB SilverYESYESYES
2002-02-13TriathlonWinterlude Triathlon21 km1:14:3211th (M30-39)YESYESYES
1/26/2013SnowshoeMad Trapper Night Race10 km1:01:188th (Male)YESYESY
1/26/2013TriathlonFrost and Fire17 km1:21:282nd (M30-39)YESYESY and Y
2001-05-13SnowshoeMad Trapper Hilly9.93 km1:30:295th (Male)YESYESNO
2012-08-12SnowshoeMad Trapper Trail Run9.54 km1:01:025th (Male)YESYESNO
11/18/2012Trail RunFat Ass Trail Run7.5 km0:44:479th (M30-39)YESYESY and Y
10/14/2012RunBrienzersee Lauf (Swiss Race)21.1 km2:06:58205th (Overall)YESYESYES
9/14/2012MTBCrank the Shield220 km13:52:0214th (M30-39)YESYESYES
8/18/2012ARWilderness Traverse 30Hr AR130 km23:26:0012th (Open)YESYESY and Y
2008-05-12TriathlonMuskoka Grind Offroad Tri26.5 km2:21:304th (M30-39)YESYESYES
7/28/2012ARRockstAR Adventure Race45+ km7:53:4710th (DuoM)YESYESY and Y
7/21/2012BikeGranFondo Ottawa175 km7:30:00n/aYESYESYES
2007-01-12TriathlonEpic Dartmouth205 km9:44:181st (M35-39)YESYESY and Y
6/23/2012RunPerth Kilt Run (Warrior Class)8 km0:37:491st (Male)YESYESY and Y
6/17/2012MTBWilmington Whiteface 100112 km6:13:3240th (M30-39)YESYESYES
2006-09-12ObstacleSuper Spartan Mt. Tremblant12 km1:26:3216th (Male)YESYESY and Y
5/19/2012ARRaid Pulse 8Hr51 km6:36:466th (DuoM)YESYESY and Y
2005-12-12ARStorm the Trent Trek Elite83 km6:14:261st (Solo)YESYESY and Y
2005-05-12ARFAC Sping 8hr AR66 km7:16:004th (Solo)YESYESYES
2/26/2012MultisportPentathlon des Neiges42 km2:34:0221st (M30-39)YESYESYES
2/19/2012SkiGatineau Loppet Skate27.5 km1:50:0120th (M30-39)YESYESYES
2002-11-12SkiCanadian Ski Marathon161.1 km17:08:06CdB BronzeYESYESYES
2002-04-12TriathlonWinterlude Triathlon18 km1:17:5720th (M30-39)YESYESYES
1/28/2012SnowshoeMad Trapper Night Race10.14 km1:08:346th (Male)YESYESNO
1/21/2012SnowshoeDion Frontenac Snowshoe Race6.78 km0:37:0814th (Male)YESYESYES
2001-07-12SnowshoeMad Trapper (Hilly)10.11 km1:14:235th (Male)YESYESYES
2012-10-11SnowshoeMad Trapper (Flat)10.48 km1:03:285th (Male)YESYESYES
11/26/2011RunTGW Beer Mile1.609 km0:11:1014thNOYESYES
9/24/2011ARFAC Fall Classic 12Hr58 km5:45:002nd (Male)YESYESYES
9/18/2011Trail RunMad Trapper Rogaine18 km2:56:502nd (Male)YESYESYES
2009-10-11MultisportLogs Rocks and Steel83 km7:26:3810th (soloM)YESYESY and Y
2009-03-11TriathlonThe Canadian Iron-Distance226 km12:57:403rd (M35-39)YESYESY and Y
8/20/2011ARWilderness Traverse145+ km24:35:0010th (co-ed)YESYESY and Y
2008-06-11ARRaid Pulse Sprint AR32+ km3:59:006th (co-ed)YESYESY and Y
7/30/2011TriathlonNational Capital Oly Tri51.5 km2:29:345th (M35-39)YESYESY and Y
7/23/2011ObstacleCity Chase Ottawa??5:26:37172nd (overall)YESYESYES
2007-03-11ObstacleSpartan Sprint Race5 km33:38.65th (Overall)YESYESY and Y
6/17/2011MultisportUltimate XC 1/2 Solo92 km9:07:482nd (Male)YESYESY and Y
2006-11-11BikeRideau Lakes (Cruise Route)370 km13:30:00n/aYESYESYES
5/29/2011RunOttawa Race Weekend (Marathon)42.2 km3:16:4764th (M35-39)YESYESY and Y
5/21/2011ARRaid Pulse Spring AR~60km7:43:0013th (Mix)YESYESY and Y
4/30/2011ARFAC Huntsville~55km8:23:5513th (solo)YESYESY and Y
2/26/2011SnowshoeMad Trapper Finale9.8 km1:09:389th (Male)YESYESYES
2/19/2011SkiGatineau Loppet (Classic)51 km3:56:329th (M35-39)YESYESY and Y
2002-05-11TriathlonWinterlude Triathlon17.9 km1:12:1317th (M30-39)YESYESY and Y
1/29/2011SnowshoeMad Trapper "Night"9.6 km1:09:247th (Male)YESYESYES
1/15/2011SnowshoeMad Trapper "Hilly"9 km1:06:134th (Male)YESYESYES
2012-11-10SnowshoeMad Trapper "Flatter"9.6 km1:02:466th (Male)YESYESYES
9/25/2010ARFAC Fall Classic 12Hr AR100 km10:41:009th (SoloM)YESYESY and Y
2009-04-10MultisportLogs Rocks and Steel80 km4:45:00DNFYESYESYES
8/21/2010Trail Run5 Peaks Enduro (Fortune)12 km1:04:035th (M30-40)YESYESNO
7/31/2010TriathlonNational Capital Kayak Tri29 km21:27.02nd (Overall)YESYESY and Y
6/25/2010MultisportUltimateXC222 km29:14:5710 (Male)YESYESY and Y
2006-05-10ARWilderness Traverse134 km21:24:00DNFYesYesY and Y
5/22/2010ARRaid Pulse Sping AR56 km5:589 (DuoM)YesYes and YESYESY and Y
4/19/2010Run114th Boston Marathon42.2 km26:32.2726th (M30-34)YESYESYES
2/27/2010SnowshoeMad Trapper Finale9 km1:01:401st (Overall)YESYESY and Y
2/20/2010Ski2010 Gatineau Loppet49.5 km00:19.113th (M30-34)YESYESY and Y
2002-06-10TriathlonWinterlude Triathlon18 km1:06:0223rd (M30-39)YESYESYES
1/30/2010SnowshoeMad Trapper "Combined"9 km57:41.75th (Male)YESYESYES
2012-12-09SnowshoeMad Trapper "Flatter"9.6 km1:04:416th (Male)YESYESY and Y
2011-01-09RunRoad2Hope Marathon42.2 km3:10:4114th (M30-34)YESYESYES
10/17/2009Trail Run5 Peaks Enduro (Ark)12 km1:02:454th (M30-39)YESYESNo
9/26/2009ARFAC Champs (Muskoka)100 km13:06:006th (co-ed)YESYESYES
2009-06-09TriathlonThe Canadian Half-Iron113 km5:03:476th (M30-34)YESYESY and Y
8/22/2009Trail Run5 Peaks Enduro (Fortune)12 km1:07:306th (M30-39)YESYESYES
2008-01-09TriathlonNational Capital Triathlon51.5 km2:21:146th (M30-34)YESYESY and Y
2007-12-09TriathlonGraham Beasely Olympic Tri51.5 km2:24:312nd (M30-34)YESYESY and Y
6/28/2009MTBBC Bike Race363 km32:24:2632 / 50YESYESYES
2006-06-09BikeRideau Lakes Tour354 km14:24:32n/aYESYESYES
5/16/2009ARRaid Pulse Spring AR50+ km5:11:0011th (DuoM)YESYESY and Y
2005-03-09BikeCN Cycle for CHEO70 km2:55:43n/aYESYESYES
2003-07-09SnowshoeMad Trapper Season Finale9.3 km02:58.53rd (Male)YesYesY and Y
2/28/2009ARRaid Pulse Winter AR35+ km6:33:005th (Duo M)YESYesY and Y
2/21/2009Snowshoe2009 Canadian Snowshoe Champs9.28 km1:00:267th (Male)YESYESY and Y
1/24/2009SnowshoeMad Trapper "Hilly"9.5 km1:13:215th (Male)YESYESSome
12/13/2008SnowshoeMad Trapper "Flatter"10 km1:12:235th (Male)YESYESYES
6/14/2008TriathlonOttawa Riverkeeper41.5 km1:40:422nd (M30-34)YESYESYES
9/29/2007ARFAC Champs 14 Hr (Bon Echo)100 km12:15:003rd (Co-ed)YESYESY and Y
9/16/2007BikeTour des Ponts170 km27:00.0n/aYESYESYES
2009-08-07Trail Run5 Peaks Trail Run (ARK)15 km28:58.71st (M30-39)YESYESYES
2009-01-07TriathlonThe Canadian - Iron Distance226 km55:58.01st (M30-34)YESYESYES
2008-04-07TriathlonNational Capital Kayak Triathlon30 km29:19.01st (Overall)YESYESYES
7/21/2007ARRaid Pulse Staged AR110+ km14:40:007th (Duo M)YESYESY and Y
6/22/2007ARQuest for a Cure 2007 (Petawawa)250+ km37:27:008th (4-person)YESYESYES
6/16/2007TriathlonRiverkeeper Kayak Tri30 km29:10.02nd (Overall)YESYESY and Y
5/27/2007RunNational Capital 1/2 Marathon21.1 km28:56.626 (M30-35)YESYESYES
5/19/2007ARRaid Pulse Spring AR52 km6:23:003rd (Solo M)YESYESYES
2003-04-07SnowshoeCanadian National Snowshoe Champs10km1:40:313rd (M30-35)YESYESYES
2003-03-07ARRaid Pulse Winter AR7:06:593rd (Co-Ed)YESYESY and Y
1/27/2007Snowshoe2007 Mad Trapper Hilly10 km25:58.012th (Male)YESYESYES
1/20/2007ARSAC Mansfield 2007 (Winter AR)6:01:007th (Overall)YESYESYES
1/13/2007SnowshoeMad Trapper Flat (Climate Change Challenge)8.5 km58:41.95th (male)YESYESYES
9/30/2006ARSAC Champs 14Hr (Bark Lake)12:52:0013th (Male)YESYESYES
9/16/2006Trail Run5 Peaks Trail Run (Ark)10 km11:19.02nd (M30-34)YESYESNO
2009-02-06TriathlonThe Canadian - Half Ironman113.1 km11:15.07th (M30-34)YESYESYES
8/27/2006TriathlonCalbogie Peaks Off-Road Tri23.25 km15:26.04th (M30-39)YESYESYES
8/19/2006Trail Run5 Peaks Trail Run (Fortune)10 km15:35.02nd (M30-34)YESYESNO
2008-05-06TriathlonNational Capital Triathlon51.5 km27:50.09th (M30-34)YESYESYES
6/23/2006ARQuest for a Cure 48Hr240 km43:59:002nd (Male-Duo)YESYESYES
6/17/2006TriathlonRiverkeeper Kayak Triathlon30 km33:08.02nd (Male)YESYESYES
5/28/2006RunNational Capital Marathon42.2 km18:15.152nd (M30-34)YESYESYES
5/21/2006ARRaid Pulse 8Hr (Lafleche)50 km7:35:0013th (Male-Duo)YESYESYES
2003-04-06ARRaid Pulse Winter 8Hr.50 km6:17:003rd (Male-Duo)YESYESNO
2/25/2006SnowshoeMad Trapper (Finale)10 km23:18.08th (Male)YESYESNO
2002-11-06SnowshoeMad Trapper (Hilly)10 km40:12.09th (Male)YESNONO
2002-04-06TriathlonWinterlude Duathlon13 km06:36.035th (M30-39)YESYESYES
1/14/2006SnowshoeMad Trapper (Flat)10 km32:31.014th (Male)YESYESNO
9/24/2005ARSAC Champs 14Hr (Fort Coulonge)12:09:009th (Male)YESNOYES
8/28/2005ARS2S 8Hr. (Mont. Ste. Marie)7:15:003rd (Male-Solo)YESNONO
8/21/2005TriathlonThousand Islands Triathlon52.7 km30:36.011th (M30-34)YESNOYES
2008-06-05Trail Run5 Peaks Trail Run (Fortune)10.5 km20:13.96th (M30-34)YESNONO
7/30/2005TriathlonNational Capital Triathlon47.5 km36:08.07th (M30-34)YESNOYES
6/24/2005ARQuest for a Cure 48Hr26:09:00DNF (6th Co-Ed)YESNOYES
5/29/2005RunNational Capital Marathon42.2 km30:53.845th (M25-29)YESNOYES
5/21/2005ARRaid Pulse 8Hr (Lafleche)6:27:007th (Male-duo)YESNOYES
2010-09-04ARRaid Pulse 24Hr (Arundel)18:14:005th (Male-Duo)YESNOYES
9/25/2004ARSAC Champs 14Hr (Fort Coulonge)11:01:009th (Co-Ed)YESNONO
7/18/2004TriathlonGraham Beasely Triathlon51.5 km58:59.013th (M25-29)YESNOYES
6/26/2004MTB24 Hrs Summer Solstice298.8 km47:27.056th (Male-5)YESNONO
5/30/2004RunNational Capital Marathon42.2 km46:49.9104th (M25-29)YESNOYES
6/21/2003MTB24 Hrs Summer Solstice302.4 km31:10.061st (Male-5)YESNONO
2005-11-03RunNational Capital Marathon21.1 km51:30.4160th (M25-29)YESNONO
7/26/2002AROutlast 12Hr (Kingston)DNFNONOYES