Racing for a Reason

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Well, what would be the point of doing such an amazing race and adventure without trying to give something back for all our good fortune? As part of doing this race, Carl and I have been accepted onto Team Diabetes, which we’ll be riding for in this race. What does this entail? Well, at a high level, it means that the two of us will be knocking on a lot of doors and looking to get support from hopefully each and every one of you browsing this site. To learn more about Team Diabetes, and Diabetes in generl, head over to my Diabetes information page.

We know asking each of you for money is a big responsibility. In order to ease the pain, we’ve come up with an interesting proposition for anyone that will sponsor us. Basically, your donation will be earned by us through time in the saddle. Right here, right now, we vow that for every $2 raised by each of us, we’ll cycle 1km. So, you donate $50, one of us will bike 25km. All you have to do is use the links below to sponsor one of us. Once you’ve done that, you can email us to let us know whether or not you’d like your name displayed on our tracking page. Also, feel free to request the type of ride you’d like us to do, road, trail, or to a limited extent, race. We’ll keep track of all the donations, and show you how many kilometers we owe.

Now, did I mention the goal? Well, not so much a goal as a requirement! We have each committed to raising $4,000 apiece. It’s a daunting task, but we know that with your help, we can get there. So please, think about sponsoring us by following the links.

Make a DONATION to Steve’s Campaign! (Inactive… Thanks to all who helped!)

If you’ve pledged for me, drop a line to steve -at- activesteve dot com

Make a DONATION to Carl’s Campaign! (Inactive… Thanks to all who helped!)

If you’ve pledged for Carl, drop a line to carl -at- activesteve dot com

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